Erica Anderson

Executive Producer of Content and Partnerships, Recode (Vox Media)

Erica Anderson serves as Executive Producer of Content and Partnerships at Recode, which is part of Vox Media. At the time of her interview, she was Head of News Ecosystem at Google News Lab. She previously worked for Twitter and covered the 2008 presidential campaign for MTV News.


When I think about innovation in journalism, I think about the integration of technology, technology that can bolster the editorial skill set of a journalist. … A journalist is going to have instincts, they’re going to know community, they’re going to know community needs, they’re going to know members of the community, they’re going to have sources, so they kind of know that side of the brain. ... But what are the innovative technologies that we can launch or provide to them to make it easier to do storytelling around that, make the distribution broader, to make it monetize in a more efficient way?