Maria Archangelo

Chief Revenue Officer, Chalkbeat

Maria Archangelo is Chalkbeat’s Chief Revenue Officer. Previously, she was Executive Director and Publisher of the Philadelphia Public School Notebook.


By far, the biggest revenue stream at Chalkbeat is philanthropy. I would say it’s somewhere between 85, 90 percent. It’s a really strong mix of national and local funders, which is one of the things I think makes Chalkbeat a little bit unique, and it really goes along with our mission to do local first. … Typically, funding for our bureaus is actually largely local, and that money is really focused locally on the reporters and editors that are actually on the ground. Then we have a level of national funding that comes in over top of that and helps us with things like our gen ops for our networks.

Sponsorship is a growing part of our revenue. … That’s a mix of local sponsorships and national sponsorships. We had a great partnership with AT&T’s community foundation side where they were trying to reach a certain audience in Chicago and we were able to pair them up with an event that we were having in Chicago and they were a sponsor. They also had an anti-cyber-bullying curriculum in New York that they were interested in publicizing in our New York newsletter. We’re starting to be able to find these connections. Sometimes they are straight-up commercial operations trying to reach our audience, and sometimes they have more of a social mission. We also have a lot of continuing ed and professional development advertisers for our teacher audience and our educational admin audience. Then the other piece is membership, which we really put a focus on this year, and saw a big increase.

Our strategic plan also calls for the creation of a lot of new products that may not be journalism products, but things that would serve our audience in different ways. We have a jobs board that we think has a tremendous ability to be built out. Perhaps there are city guides that would be relevant to people moving in to give them an understanding of the education landscape.

I think Chalkbeat’s a perfect example of this. A teacher in Detroit can think of local news as information that she got from a teacher in Chicago, even though that’s not local.