Mitra Kalita

Senior Vice President of News, Opinion and Programming, CNN Digital

Mitra Kalita is Senior Vice President of news, opinion and programming for CNN Digital. Before that, she was Managing Editor for Editorial Strategy at the Los Angeles Times and Executive Editor at Large for Atlantic Media’s global economy site, Quartz.


We do have literally millions of subscribers to CNN’s email newsletters, which is just another direct relationship with consumers that I don’t know that people know how big our email newsletter products are, but they’re massive, massive plays. Again, free, but very much a direct relationship with consumers and the writers of those newsletters, they’ll often forward us exchanges they’re having with readers that are quite delightful.

We’ll often talk about a business model, singular, whereas really, newsletters, podcasts, pre-roll video, mid-roll video, a YouTube strategy. I have mixed feelings on Outbrain, but Outbrain, programmatic advertising. As you rattle them off, you start to see how a digital business actually needs to rest on many legs versus just one emerging thing. As we’ve seen over the last five, 10 years, there have been many outlets that have flopped to one platform or one strategy as savior, whether that’s Facebook traffic or video pre-rolls, or the ‘hot take’ or analysis. I think over and over, we’ve kind of been seduced and then fooled by that being the silver bullet when there’s actually probably going to be many, many bullets that are what we will be needing.