Global Seminar on Local News: Videos of the Sessions

Medill and Germany’s Adenauer Foundation Highlight Journalists’ Challenges Worldwide

Here are videos from June 25, 2019, sessions of the Global Seminar on Local News, co-sponsored by Northwestern University’s Medill Local News Initiative and Germany’s Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung USA foundation. The sessions were held at Medill’s facility in downtown Chicago.

Part 1: The state of play for local news in the U.S. and abroad, with data on audience behaviors and attitudes. Speakers/panelists: Tim Franklin, Amy Mitchell, Joy Jenkins, Ed Malthouse, Idalmy Carrera-Colucci, Pana Janviroj
Part 2: How “news deserts” are leaving some areas virtually uncovered, and what that means for democracy. Speakers/panelists: Penny Abernathy, Matt Weber, Dapo Olorunmi, Angie Muhs
Part 3: Innovative concepts in local news, and how both legacy media and start-ups are scrambling for funds. Speakers/panelists: Rich Gordon, Joe Germuska, Casey Pallenik, Bettina Chang, Jasmin Off, Jen Sabella
Part 4: Journalists under fire: U.S. media have been labeled the “enemy of the people,” and foreign news outlets face threats.  Speakers/panelists: Joie Chen, Joel Simon, Eduardo Garcia, Maria Dimitrova

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